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SilikonŽ-1000 Pictures

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Performed by Eric M. Joseph, M.D.

Case: 25262
Category: SilikonŽ-1000
Weight: 0
Height: NaN
Gender: Female
Description: This 45 year old woman residing in Sparta, NJ requested non-surgical facial rejuvenation. BOTOX Cosmetic was used to improve her brow and crow's feet, and Silikon-1000 was painlessly injected in her nose-lip folds, lips, marionette grooves, and chin-scars. There was no downtime, and you can see natural, attractive, facial enhancement.

After photos were taken 1-4 Weeks after surgery/procedure.

SilikonŽ-1000 Before Picture 1

Above photos are actual patients of Eric M. Joseph, M.D. who have given consent for the use of their photos for this website.

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