Facial Rejuvenation with Silikon 1000™


Dr. Joseph offers Injectable fillers that may eliminate unwanted wrinkles, and add facial volume with no downtime. The injections and completed painlessly with topical anesthetic, and you may resume normal activities immediately. As you age into your thirties and beyond, you lose facial volume. For many people, facial volume replacement may lead to a confident, youthful, attractive, and un-operated appearance. 

If you're looking for permanent results, we may recommend Silikon-1000® (purified polydimethyl siloxane), an off-label filler for permanent results. Silikon-1000® may be well suited to rejuvenate deflated lips, improve nasolabial folds, correct under eye hollowing, and camouflage lower eyelid bags for youthful nonsurgical facial rejuvenation. Hollowed temples and cheek augmentation are also corrected for age-related facial volume loss, or colume loss due to excessive aerobic exercise ("runner's face") If you suffer from acne scarring or HIV related facial lipoatrophy, we offer permanent correction with no downtime. 


The precision, permanence, and versatility of Silikon-1000® lends to the treatment of multiple facial areas for a permanent non-surgical approach to help you look and feel your best.

Dr Joseph treats hundreds of patients from the New Jersey and New York every year and is experiences in the serial puncture, micro-droplet  application Silikon-1000® which is imperative for obtaining permanent and natural looking results. If you're interested in permanent non-surgical facial rejuvenation, please Contact US today to set up a consultation, and possible same-day treatment, so we can see what may be best for you. 



What is Silikon® - 1000?

Silikon-1000 is a filler made from pure silicone oil also called polydimethyl siloxane. It was designed to treat retinal detachment in the eye, however, it may be used by facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists who are familiar with the serial puncture, micro-droplet technique of injection. Our experience with Silikon-1000 has been favorable for twenty years, but a consultation is always necessary to see if this would be right for you. Several treatments (1-3) are typically necessary to obtain a desired result as we proceed conservatively. Micro-droplet Silikon®-1000 should be considered irremovable. We only use fractions of one milliliter for most micro-droplet facial treatments.

Why choose a permanent filler?

Unlike temporary gel fillers, micro-droplet Silikon®-1000 injections are NOT associated with necrosis (dead skin), or blindness. The results of the micro-droplet treatment yield permanent, lasting results whereas temporary fillers dissolve within 6 months to a year.

Can Silikon®-1000 be used in conjunction with temporary fillers?

It is best to allow all temporary fillers to dissipate completely before having a treatment with Silikon®-1000, but it is not essential in everyone. We have injected Silikon®-1000 in areas previously treated with HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane without any problems. Those temporary fillers will continue to dissolve with time. Some people have their temporary fillers dissolved before consulting with us, but this is a personal preference.

What about the risk?

In our practice, complications with micro-droplet Silikon®-1000 treatments are infrequent. Around 3% of patients may develop a nodule or bump at the site of injection. If bumps occur, these typically respond well to dilute steroid injections. Sometimes surgical removal or light electrodessication may be necessary. We have not seen migration after micro-droplet Silikon®-1000 in any of our patients. Since Silikon®-1000 is permanent and irremovable, overcorrection may occur after too many treatments, or if too much Silikon®-1000 is injected, so the expertise of your doctor is paramount.