Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Performed using the permanent injectable filler, Silikon 1000™ For photos, please visit our Gallery.


A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) involves using Injectable Fillers to improve the appearance of your nose. In our practice, our expertise is with Silikon-1000®, an off-label filler for permanent results. The choice of filler depends on the preference, and experience of your surgeon. We have been using Silikon-1000® for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and Non-Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty for over 17 years with wonderful success, and hundreds of happy patients.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedures may help camouflage a small dorsal hump- a bump that is visible on your profile. Filling above and below the bump may improve your profile so your nose appears straight and less distracting. If your nose has a profile-hump that is too large, then a Surgical Rhinoplasty may be the best way to proceed.

A crooked nasal appearance can also be corrected with this approach. A concavity on your front view may cause your nose to appear twisted. Filling the concave area can lead to a straighter, more pleasing appearance.
Visible imperfections after a previous Nose Job may be dramatically improved with a Non-Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty. Minimizing the appearance of Rhinoplasty-related irregularities, without additional surgery and downtime, is often a welcome alternative for our patients who are suitable candidates.
Post-Rhinoplasty irregularities in your bridge, tip, and nostrils are often dramatically improved during an office visit. If asymmetric tip cartilage becomes bothersome after Rhinoplasty, it may often be camouflaged with Silikon-1000®. A pinched tip can be widened, and high, retracted nostrils may be lowered - all while avoiding Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery which may be inconvenient, costly, and often unnecessary.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and Non-Surgical Revision Rhinoplasty treatments are performed with minimal discomfort using topical anesthetic. There is typically no downtime, and normal activities are resumed immediately after the procedure. If you’re an appropriate candidate for Silikon-1000®, results are completely natural and permanent.
When considering a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure, the experience of your physician is critical. The injections must be carefully placed at the correct depth. We almost exclusively use Silikon-1000®for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedures, and several treatments are typically necessary to achieve complete correction of most conditions. Patient satisfaction is very high.

You may need Rhinoplasty Surgery if your airway and septum require correction. You may also require Rhinoplasty Surgery to make your large nose smaller or if significant tip modifications are necessary to produce a pleasing result.
If you are looking for improvement in the appearance and function of your nose, please Contact Us today for a Cosmetic Consultation so we can see what is best for you.



Is non-surgical rhinoplasty permanent?

Dr. Joseph's expertise is with microdroplet Silikon-1000, a permanent soft tissue filler that has been a welcome alternative to temporary gel fillers for our patients. The most commonly performed procedures with Silikon-1000 in our practice are permanent nonsurgical nose job treatments. If people experience minor irregularities after previous rhinoplasty surgery, Silikon-1000 may be a safe alternative to revision rhinoplasty surgery with no downtime.

How are non-surgical rhinoplasties performed?

 Procedures are performed painlessly with topical anesthetic, and you may resume normal activities immediately. Our technique of administering Silikon-1000 is exclusively the "serial puncture, microdroplet technique". Hundredths of a milliliter of Silikon-1000 are deposited in between the skin and skeleton of the nose to improve symmetry, fill indentations, lower nostrils, camouflage a small dorsal bump, and more. Microdroplet Silikon-1000 nasal treatments have a greater than 50 year history of safety, precision and permanence.

What is Silikon 1000™?

Silikon-1000 is a filler made from pure silicone oil that is 10 times more viscous than water. It is cleared by the FDA for injection in the eyeball to treat certain types of retinal detachment. We have been successfully using microdroplet Silikon-1000 as a permanent off-label cosmetic filler for over 20 years with hundreds of satisfied patients. Several treatments (1-3) are typically necessary to obtain the desired result as we proceed conservatively. We only use fractions of one milliliter for microdroplet facial treatments.

Why choose a permanent filler?

Permanent nonsurgical rhinoplasty treatments with Silikon-1000 have a fifty year track record of safety, precision, and permanence. Unlike temporary gel fillers, microdroplet silikon-1000    treatments are never associated with necrosis, blindness, infection, biofilm, or migration.

The results of the microdroplet treatment yield permanent, natural looking results whereas temporary fillers typically dissolve within 6 months to a year. 

Can Silikon 1000™ used in conjunction with temporary fillers?

It is best to allow temporary fillers to dissipate completely before having microdroplet treatments with Silikon 1000™. Because the volume of temporary fillers changes over its lifespan, it is advisable to wait. That being said, there are options for dissolving temporary fillers, and we can start Silikon-1000 nasal treatments if most temporary filler is gone, depending on your examination. If you wish to see if you're a candidate for Silikon-1000 nasal treatments, please schedule a consultation.

What about the risk?

In our experience, complications with microdroplet Silikon-1000 are infrequent. If too much Silikon-1000 is injected, it should be considered permanent and irremovable, so the expertise and technique of your doctor is critical for achieving a permanent and pleasing result. Complications like nodules, bumps and prolonged redness may occur after any injectable filler treatment - these have only occurred in a handful of people treated by us over the last twenty years. Unlike temporary gel fillers, microdroplet silikon-1000 treatments are never associated with necrosis, blindness, infection, biofilm, or migration.