Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) 

Ear surgery is performed to either "pin-back" protruding ears or to fix torn or oversized earlobes


Dr. Joseph has the training and experience to correct protruding and outstanding ears. Many women and men are self- conscious or insecure about the appearance of their protruding ears. Ear Reshaping Surgery- Otoplasty, may lead to improved self esteem. After your procedure you have choose to wear your hair in a pony-tail, or choose a short haircut without worrying about the distracting appearance of your ears. Incisions are hidden in the groove where your ear meets your head, so scars will be inconspicuous. There is very little down time, and results after Ear Reshaping Surgery-Otoplasty are visible the day after surgery when your bandages are removed. Normal social activities may be resumes around one week postoperative. Post surgical discomfort in minimal. 

Dr. Joseph also specializes in the Ear Lobe Surgery. If your ear lobe(s) are completely torn, or if the pierced hole becomes too large, stretched or unattractive, Dr. Joseph can repair your lobes with local anesthetic in the office with no downtime. Re-piercing is performed three months later at no charge.

If you were born with large ear lobes, reduction may be performed for a less distracting appearance. 

If you reside in New York - New Jersey, and are looking for meticulous, and completely natural Ear Reshaping Surgery-Otoplasty, please Contact Us today.