Acne Scar Correction with Silikon 1000™


Broad-based, depressed acne scars may be treated with Silikon-1000®, an off-label filler for permanent results. Acne scarring may be a source of low self-esteem and many patients visit Dr. Joseph for his expertise with the serial-puncture, micro-droplet technique for injecting Silikon-1000®.

Many who have darker skin types are not candidates for facial resurfacing procedures like laser, chemical peel, or dermabrasion due to the risk of pigment changes associated with these procedures. Many women and men with acne scarring have seen huge successes with Silikon-1000® after failing trials of expensive, fractionated laser resurfacing. 

If you're desiring permanent improvement of your acne scars involving your forehead, temples, cheeks, or lower face, please Contact Us for a consultation so we can see what may be best for you.