nose job

Rhinoplasty 124

Our beautiful patient became self-conscious of her nasal profile after watching herself on television. Our goals were to provide a straighter and more narrow nasal appearance with hump reduction and nasal tip rotation. Her one year postoperative photos are simply stunning. Check out her YouTube video called “My Rhinoplasty Experience”.

Rhinoplasty 120

Our handsome patient underwent rhinoplasty surgery six months ago to remove a bothersome nasal bump that formed after a bicycle accident during childhood. Surgery included tip elevation and narrowing, hump removal, and nasal narrowing. We are both pleased by his natural-looking new nose. Nasal tip elevation can create to a more youthful-looking face.

Rhinoplasty 16

Teen rhinoplasty surgery for mature young women is a rewarding part of our practice. Our beautiful patient had the full support of her parents and family which is essential. She felt her nose was too wide and too large, and it was a source of insecurity. We are all thrilled by her results that are completely natural, and her nose no longer distracts from her naturally beautiful face.

Rhinoplasty 12

This is one of our favorite rhinoplasty results because it demonstrates how a few millimeters of change can make a world of difference. We are all thrilled by her results one year after her surgery. Her operation consisted of hump removal, tip deprojection, narrowing, and lifting to achieve a more balanced and less distracting nasal appearance.